Investor 222
4 Beds, 2 Baths, 2 Cars

Priced on Request

  • Living Area: 167.60m2                    Width: 14.80m      Depth: 18.13m
  • Porch: 2.62m2
  • Garage: 37.76m2
  • Alfresco: 14.81m2
  • Total: 222.79m2
  • Under Roof: 23.98Sq
  • Large Kitchen/Dining/Living Area
  • Double Lock-Up Garage
  • Outdoor Alfresco
  • Separate Lounge
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  • Prices listed as per Hosies Homes Standard Inclusions List
  • Subject to soil test, survey & site conditions.
  • Price may change without further notice.
  • Exclusions unless otherwise specified: the construction contract does not provide for the following and/or similar items and/or their installation and/or any additional works to facilitate installation: Window furnishings; external rendering to brickwork; landscaping; fencing; decorative light fittings; retaining walls; landscaping; fencing; fireplaces; soft furnishings; vehicles; any siteworks other than specifically stated in site estimate; any items not specified on inclusion lists and/or colour selections and/or plans, and not specifically costed in by the builder.
  • The Plans & Elevations are an artists impression only.