New Home Build (Paul & Simin)

Paul & Simin

Simin and I have often felt that we were very glad we chose to build with Hosies Homes.

 The following are just a few reasons why:
Firstly Hosies Homes is a family business. (It’s good to know that your money is staying in the local community and not going to a large corporation)
Secondly Gary spent a lot of time listening to what we wanted in our home. He was very up-front about costings.
Thirdly We were very happy about the quality of the finished product.
In Conclusion the after sales service from Hosies Homes is second to none. (They are readily available and stand-by their product).

These are just a few of the reasons why we’re happy we built with Hosies Homes and we’d do so again too.

Kind regards, Paul and Simin.

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